Wednesday, May 4, 2011

And still winning . . .

And I'm still not talking about Charlie Sheen!

The Lightning won again tonight 5-3 to complete the series sweep of the Capitals. Sean Bergenheim had two goals to give him 7 for the playoffs, which is tied for the most by a player this year.

Not to sound like a broken record here, but this is why Yzerman brought in Guy Boucher. Known as an innovator and risk taker in the independent league, Boucher was one of those "names" that gets thrown around by knowledgeable types when they talk about an impact making new coach. Except that Stevie Y pulled the trigger on Boucher and brought him in. And he has lit a fire under these guys.

Marty St. Louis was saying last year how he wasn't sure he wanted to be on this team anymore. But he's back to mvp form again.

It's just such a huge turn around, if you weren't watching these guys last year, you really cannot appreciate it.

Way to go guys!

I see my favorite hot mess, Mischa Barton, is on vacation in Hawaii this week.

Not to seem cruel . . . but vacation from what? Exactly?

Topedoing her once promising career?

I don't get it. I actually find her sloppy goodness kind of appealing. And she's not actually a bad actress -- ever see Walled In? It's a pretty cool movie, she does a credible job in it. But she's just kind of run herself out of the industry with her problematic behaviour.


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