Thursday, August 11, 2011

Vacation? Really?!

Now I'm not one to begrudge the President or member of Congress some time off. I like vacations. You like vacations. We all like vacations.

And in the case of Congress, the members use this time to get in touch with their constituants, do town hall meetings, and be face to face with the people that sent them to Washington in the first place.

But five weeks? When we're in the financial mess we're in? Yeah, maybe a bit too long. You know? But I'll get back to that.

It was a comment by spokes-tool Jay Carney that got my dander up when I read it this morning. Now setting aside the gobsmacking hypocrisy of this dude -- he lambasted then President Bush while Carney was a writer for Time (I think), when Bush did his Heartland America tour, calling it an excuse for an undeserved vacation, or some such. But Carney remarked yesterday that no one should be against President Obama spending time with his family.


The White House is an actual house you know. They don't just call it the White House 'cause it sounds cool. The Prez and his wife and kids all live there. 24/7. In the lap of luxury, surrounded by servants and gofers and secret service people that do every thing but wipe their asses for them.

And they're partying with Jay-Z and Beyonce and Russel Simmons and just about every one else every weekend there. Plus the Prez is out golfing about 4 times a week and hopping on Air Force One a couple of times a month to take his wife out to dinner and a show in New York or Chicago or whatever.

So "spend a little time with his family"?! Yeah, I'm not getting it.

And as to Congress -- with real unemployment at nearly 18%, the economy facing another recession, the stock market tanking . . . maybe a five week homestand isn't such a good idea. To their credit, Republicans in the House have passed a series of spending bills and sent them to the Senate, where they'll sit collecting dust under Harry Reid's compilation of Cowboy Poetry sonnets. Talk about obstructionism. Pity it's only us on the right doing so.

And on a more pleasant note, here's the Duffster getting her fitness on for a Danskin commercial or video or something:

hilary duff - danskin


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