Thursday, August 18, 2011

The circular firing squad blazes away

Well, Rick Perry's been in the race what, a week now? And I don't think I've come across one conservative political blog that isn't savaging every aspect of this guy. The Gardasil thing is an example of his nanny-state leanings, or his crony capitalism, or inflated sense of self importance, blah, blah, blah.
He's too direct and confrontational, he's not a man-scaped metrosexual, he's this, he's that.

Meanwhile, Michele Bachmann is a diva, or she's unqualified or gaffe prone or House members don't get into the White House, or her husband is a closetted homosexual hypocrite, etc.

And down the line they go. Every single candidate is destroyed by innuendo, suspicion -- Dan Riehl is suggesting Perry is planting questioners in his audience to tee things up for him (without a shred of evidence, btw), and the ever popular lefty tactic of assuming what a candidate is thinking or means to say without having any facts to back them up.

Annointed front runner Mitt Romney is gently locked away in a velvet vault, protected from every legitimate question about his horrible record. Any who presume to question his lofty status as standard bearer for the conservative cause is bludgeoned with the "Romney's the front runner" stick until they slink away duly cowed.

Michelle Malkin solemnly intones that we're thoroughly vetting our candidate for this election. No honey, you're destroying the field, chasing away good people who not only would be able to win this election, but would be good leaders for this country. In their zeal to promote a picture perfect, blemish free candidate to be the nominee, these self appointed guardians of conservatism have forgotten the cautionary tale of Scott Brown.

Supported by the Tea Party, Republican Brown won Ted Kennedy's old seat in the Senate. The shock and awe set in when conservatives found they had put into office a shrieking liberal who just happened to have an R for his party affiliation. Kind of like Bloomberg in New York, he's no conservative, he just needed a party to run under. Same with Brown.

And now all these conservative geniuses who are protecting Mitt "I couldn't beat John McCain or Mike Huckabee in the primaries" Romney, are looking right past his abysmal record as a conservative while they destroy every other candidate running because they're not "ideal conservatives." RomneyCare is hemmoraging billions in Massachusetts, he's flip-flopped on every single conservative issue, he's a devout AGW enthusiast, and on and on. But don't you dare question his record dammit, he's the front runner!

Sadly, when this self immolation is done, the only two candidates left standing on the right will be Mittens and crazy Ron Paul. And all these self-righteous bloggers and political pundits that did the Democrat's bidding by destroying legitimate candidates will post "told ya so" epitaths after Obama wins re-election, and sit pining for their dream candidate to ride over the hill on his/her gleaming white stallion. While the country spins into a financial abyss.

And it could have been avoided with a little something I like to call teamwork.

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