Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Joanna Krupa isn't fooling me

Joanna Krupa went out in the yard to play with her cute little dog wearing skin-tight stretch jeans and a top that was apparently made by the same folks who make hospital gowns:

'Cause as soon as she bent over . . . showtime!

joanna krupa boob flash

Now setting aside the fact that I'm totally impressed at how she can bend over in those tight-ass jeans and not spill any belly over the waistband, you can't tell me she didn't know what else was going to spill out of that absurd top:

joanna krupa boob flash
joanna krupa boob flash

And she sure spent plenty of time bent over judging by all the paparazzi pics that have surfaced. So yeah, I'm not falling for that whole "accidental exposure" bit this time. No siree, I'm on to her game here.




In the next life, I want to be Joanna Krupa's puppy

"who's a good dog? who's a good dog?" - Joanna Krupa

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