Sunday, July 31, 2011

Random musings

No Rule 5 posting as I'm on vacation this week. But here's some stuff that's been rattling around in my brain. And I hate all that racket . .

The Sox won again last night - Red beating White 10-2 as Jon Lester looked dominating in improving his record to 11-4 this year. Theo's out shopping for arms to bolster the rotation but is looking in the dinged and dented bin hoping to find a miracle.

Rays lost after managing only 1 hit, again! The offensive woes of this team are mind-boggling and of course local geniuses are screaming for Shields and Upton to be traded for more unproven prospects in the hopes of, as above, finding a miracle. I hate to say it, but sometimes the Yankee formula of just throwing cash to get players seems a little more productive. Assuming your player personel guy knows what he's doing.

The Bucs have allowed Barrett Ruud to go to the Titans (I think). That's the second time they released their leading tackler, the first being forcing their Hall of Fame linebacker Derrick Brooks to retire early. All in the hopes of bringing in some college kid to become a superstar. I said last year that I didn't agree with how they are running this team. I know it seems to be working, but I just don't see how. Guess that's why I'm not a head coach :-P

Let me see if I've got this right -- House Republicans have passed three bills now addressing the debt/deficit situation since coming into control in 2010. The Senate, under Democrat control along with the Democrat in the White House, has shot down each one. Harry Reid was actually filibustering his own bill last night! In addition, the Democratically controlled Senate has violated it's constitutional duty by neglecting to publish a budget for over 800 days now! And the mainstream media is portraying Republicans and Tea Party fiscal conservatives as irresponsible?! Who's the party of NO now?

As I finish up my vacation, I can't stop feeling guilty for spending a little money just goofing off. I keep catching myself scolding myself -- "This could be going for bills . . . should be putting this into the house . . . pay this off . . . pay that off . . ." sheesh When did I become my mother?!

And just because a pretty girl takes my aging mind off stuff, here's a lithe young lady making me want to buy a chopper and go cruisin'

ember skye

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