Friday, April 29, 2011

Gov. Kasich lands a clean straight right

There's been a ton of vitriol and hate mongering by libs and Democrats as Republican governors try to fix the budget messes of various states. Wisconsin is the most blatant, but Gov. Kasich has taken his lumps in Ohio as well.

With over 600,000 private sector jobs lost while public sector employee numbers are not only increasing, these employees are getting pay raises, Gov. Kasich is taking radical steps to right the ship of Ohio and treat everyone fairly. That means public sector employees who make upwards of 26% more than private sector counterparts.

At a press conference recently, Gov. Kasich was told of the President's comments on Governors who are seeking to pass bills similar to the bill SB5 that was passed in Ohio:

Ow! That's gotta hurt. Gloves are off baby!

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