Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Atlas blinked

President Barack Obama today, amid much fan-fare, released his actual birth certificate:

obama birth certification

Now, I've never really cared about this nonsense. My gripe was the holier-than-thou attitude of the President who has spent bags of taxpayer money to stop citizens from seeing information that every other President has gladly made public.

The best part of this is that Donald Trump was able to force this out of the president. With his immense wealth, Trump could spit in the face of pundits, media talking heads, bloggers and the like and stand his ground.

Frankly, the only people that think Trump is a serious candidate for president are lib-talkers as they try to belittle and diminish Republicans in the run up to the election. But goofball fame-whore or not, Trump has done something no one else has managed to do -- force the sainted President to do something he didn't want to do.

Good for The Donald.

Oh look, Miley's on Twitter again:

And as if to show how edgy she is, she brags about being braless in the picture.

Poor Miley. Every time she tries to do something hip and grown up, she gets pwned by Taylor Momsen

Miley gets a tattoo -- Taylor shows her boobs on stage

Miley gets another tattoo -- Taylor shows up at Justin Beiber's movie premier dressed like a hooker

Taylor, who's been 17 years old for the last 3 years, has been milking the underage rocker thing like a pro. You know Miley's just been kicking herself over this whole thing. Girl's gonna have to up her game substantially to win one against this chick:

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