Friday, April 22, 2011

This is what constitutes bullying?

So in a story that is roundly being called bullsh*t by pretty much everyone, including the young lady in question, Emma Watson was rumored to have left Brown University because of bullying by other students.

It was said that whenever she answered a question correctly in class, some smartass would blurt out "Three points for Gryffindor!" in an incredibly lame mocking of her role in the Harry Potter films.

As I said, everyone agrees the story is a total load, and even Emma herself has gone public to say nothing of the sort happened while she was at Brown.

What got me stirred up were comments made on various celebrity blogs about the incident, including lots of "'ve never been bullied, so how would you know?" and "I've been bullied and it's not a laughing matter..." and so on.

Boy, would I like to get a time machine and take these pantiwaist lace dandies back in time to show them what bullying really is.

It's not snarky comments about your shoes, or your Facebook page, it is getting your ass kicked on a daily basis. It is getting your belongings stolen once a week. It's having the largest guy on the football team toss you around like a rag doll every day before gym class because not only are you the smallest kid in class, you are also the slowest and can't run away. And on and on.

Boy, have we raised the biggest bunch of pansy sissies this country has ever seen. No wonder these losers want a gigantic nanny state government to do everything for them. These p*ssies are afraid of their own shadows.


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