Friday, April 15, 2011

'Cause the Times never prints my letters - part 998

The St. Pete Times is a shamless liberal rag. And the only way to get a letter to the editor published is to be one of their chosen liberal toadies or to start with some Charles Johnson-esque b.s. about how you cannot be a conservative/republican in good conscience any longer, blah, blah, blah . . .

In today's B section, noted hand wringer Sue Carlton had her semi-weekly rant against proponents of the 2nd Amendment.

Today's shriekfest was about a state law proposed to prevent legal holders of a concealed weapons permit from being arrested if their carry weapon can be seen beneath their clothes.

Of course, to Ms. Carlton's mind, the law is intended to turn the state into some sort of wild west show, with citizens carrying sixguns on thier hips in holsters tied to their legs like in some movie. Which of course no one is actually proposing. But that doesn't stop her and fellow pantiwaist Daniel Ruth from assuming the worst case scenario.

Ms. Carlton has an excellent track record in such things. She filled pages with dire warnings about the streets running red with blood if the original concealed carry law was passed. And naturally nothing happened.

Despite her attempt to portray herself as no "enemy" of legal firearm owners -- she published the boilerplate nonsense about growing up in a household with guns . . . her father taught her how to shoot . . . etc., she's on repeated record with attempts to reduce the rights of law abiding citizens when it comes to their 2nd amendment rights.

She believes doctors have every right to ask patients about owning firearms prior to prescribing an aspirin . . . but is against giving personal identification info to the state when she uses a large bill to pay for a highway toll (the idea was to curb counterfeit bill passing).

She believes the paper should publish a list of concealed carry permit owners and firearm owners so that Floridians can feel safe in their homes knowing private information about their law abiding neighbors . . . but doesn't think a father should know if his 13 year old daughter is down at the free clinic getting an abortion because it's a privacy issue.

Just more of the Time's typical hysterical hyperbole on the issue of 2nd amendment issues.

And Miley Cyrus is doing her bit to burnish her reputation by stating that she's going to kick off her world tour in South America or Australia or some place where "she's getting love" from her fans. As apposed to the U.S. where she apparently doesn't feel loved . . . much.

Hmmm . . .

Guess we won't be getting much of these demure stage outfits here until she decides we like her again:

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