Sunday, May 1, 2011

Rule 5 Sunday -- Kerri Taylor

kerri taylor pretty
Today's Rule 5 submission is the exotic Kerri Taylor.

Kerri is a model/actress who does a lot of work in the B-movie horror genre working in flicks like Bikini Girls on Ice, Requiem for a Vampire, and Satan's Schoolgirls. You know, one of those scream queen types. In fact, I think she's actually been on the cover of Scream Queens magazine.
She's got a pretty impressive body of work. And, well, she's got a pretty impressive body, too.
Aw, come on, I had to say it.
Anyway, I like her look. The exotic-ness, the killer smile, and her ability to pull off such disparate looks, from the young innocent to the goth-y.
I actually met Kerri one time and was taken by how soft spoken and quiet she seemed in person.
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kerri taylor underboobkerri taylor bootykerri taylor see thru kerri taylor plaid bikinikerri taylor vinylkerri taylor bustier kerri taylor sultrykerri taylor vampire gothykerri taylor electric tape
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Anonymous said...

Kerri is a model who knows her own beauty and the power it commands over the men who lust for her.

postaldog said...

Don't know about the lusting part, but like all attractive women, I'm sure she's aware of the effect she has on men.