Thursday, April 28, 2011

Bolts win!

The Lightning won a huge game 7 in the first round of the playoffs, over the Penguins last night 1-0.

This was the series local hockey fans like myself envisioned when Jeff Vinik bought the team last year from bozos Len Barrie and Oren Koules.

Vinik made what I thought was the nab of the year getting Stevie Y (Steve Yzerman) as general manager. Yzerman doubled up on the goodness by bringing in highly regarded coach Guy Boucher from the minors. Boucher energized the team with his new methods and uptempo approach to coaching and the game.

The mid-season acquisition of money goalie Dwayne Roloson, who was laboring with the dreadful Islanders, was the final piece to the puzzle. My co-workers groaned at the prospect of a 41 year old goalie, but I told them to watch this guy. He's freekin' amazing in goal. And he stood on his head last night when they needed him.

Hockey is perhaps the only sport where one player can make or break a team. It doesn't matter how many Gretzky's you have on the ice, if you don't have a money guy in net, you're just gonna lose 10-9 game after game.

The Bolts match up well with the other teams in the playoffs. With a little luck, I'll get to see some more Stanley Cup games here in Tampa. Woo hoo!

I see where the irrelevant Megan Fox is getting her trailer park trash tattoo of Marilyn Monroe lasered off her arm. She mentioned one time how she got the tat as a warning not to let the movie industry wear her down like it did Marilyn.

Yeah, whatever.

She thought she was being all hip and edgy getting that tattoo at the time and now that she's scrambling for work, she's finding photographers and producers are tired of having to photoshop or slather make-up on her to cover up the foolishness.

You try to warn these kids about the permanent nature of ink. But no one listens to us old folks.

And 'cause I find Megan boring, here's a hot picture of Leighton Meister from some random photoshoot:

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