Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Oh sure, now you come around

St. Pete Times B-section columnist/pundit Howard Troxler had a blurb in today's paper tsking at Dems over their recent tv ad claiming Republicans wanted to "end Medicare."

Of course, he's doing this because the Time's shamelessly biased PolitiFact recently gave the ad a "Pants on Fire" rating for untruthfulness. So Howard's jumping on the bandwagon to show that he, like the PolitiFact people, are totally, like, unbiased and only interested in the truth.

Stuff like this always cracks me up. PolitiFact never fact checks the President for anything ridiculous he says, but they'll go after psuedo-intellectual Rachel Maddow for some numbers gaffe on her show and then point and say "See, we go after everyone."



Howard's all concerned about blatant political demagogery here. So where was he for the last eight years or so? Where was he for all the Bush = Hitler stuff? Or the Cheney is the Devil nonsense? How about all the Republicans are racist stuff? Or anything that came out of the mouth of ass-clown extrodinaire Alan Grayson?

Where was Howard for all the hateful editorial cartoons published by his own paper? Or when the Times tried to tie Sarah Palin to the Giffords shooting? Or the subsequent violent headline imagery about this or that group "...in the crosshairs" or the "targetting" of some other group?

Sorry Howard, but you lost your credibility a long time ago. Just stick with the sycophantic water carrying like the rest of the liberal media.

And now, here's the Olsen Twins on the cover of Newsweek.


When exactly did these two become goblins in a Harry Potter movie? Didn't these two used to be cute? I mean, I remember them as the little kids on the tv show. And then they looked kind of normal as teens:

What happened?

They are supposed to be these big fashion moguls now. You cannot tell me they look at these magazine covers or in the mirror and go "Oh yeah. We look totally hot like this!"

just don't get it

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