Friday, April 15, 2011

Tax day thought

When the president gave his "campaign speech disguised as a speech on the deficit" the other day, he said something that was overlooked by many commentators and pundits. Doing his usual class warfare jag, he mentioned about how Republicans wanted to "...lower my taxes..." and things about how he wasn't paying enough taxes.

Here's my thing -- any time you want to cut a check to the IRS, to salve your conscience there champ, you go right ahead. No one is stopping you from sending extra money to the IRS. This is what cracks me up about these socialist, millionaire, democrats. Warren Buffet spends tens of thousands of dollars on accountants to make sure he pays the minimum amount of taxes each year. Then he has the gall to complain his taxes are too low!

What hypocrisy!

Steven King wrote in an op-ed the other day . . . and why is he qualified to be an op-ed writer anyway? . . . about how he thinks he should pay 50% of his income in taxes each year. And since he doesn't, due to the tax code, he makes up the difference in charitable contributions.

Welcome to America, Steve! A place where you can be successful and thrive financially, and make your own choices about how to donate your income, if you choose. That's the whole point of the Tea Party and low tax proponents -- instead of the federal government confiscating your money at the point of a sword, the gov't takes only what it needs to function, no more, and you are free to do what you wish with the rest.

Why can't these socialist democrats see the point in this? And why can't the generation of "Don't trust the man" "Don't trust the government" "I don't want the man telling me what to do" from the 60s, see this?

And while I'm trying to figure out this new way of embedding images, here's a pic of Taylor Momsen at a promotional thingy for her cd, pairing a modest sundress with some killer boots:

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