Sunday, April 17, 2011

Rule 5 Sunday -- Tara Reid

My first Rule 5 posting at the new home is Tara Reid.

Tara got herself in the news a little while back for dropping the story that she would be starring in the upcoming remake to The Big Lebowski.

Of course, that came as quite a shock to the directors of the classic original, the Coen Brothers, since no such thing was in the works. They responded with a surprising amount of class and some humor by saying they couldn't wait to see the flick, and indeed, anything with Tara in it.

Tara herself, had some fun with the gaffe, doing a Funny or Die video of the original with her doing all the parts.

The images here are from an old FHM photoshoot, and remind that before she became the poster girl for botched liposuction and riding the crazy train, Tara Reid was pretty much a hotty.

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