Tuesday, April 19, 2011


Just the other day, we had a tragic death hereabouts. A young woman, 22, died while cave diving in one of the northern counties. My thoughts and prayers go out to her parents.

That whole cave thing never clicked with me.

I've seen the pictures and have heard spelunkers and cave divers talk about the otherwordliness of going in caves. But I cannot get over the "trapped" sensation it brings up in me.

Ever see The Descent? Very good horror flick (the sequel kind of sucked), but that part where the chick gets wedged in a tight passage and can't go backward or forward and starts to freak out? Yeah, that's me, only multiply that by a million!

The pitch blackness...don't know what you're putting your hands on...bugs...creepy, crawlies...and once you get down to where you're going, you still have to crawl your way back out.

Nope. Not getting it.

And the funny part? When we were kids, we used to bury each other all the time. Grab a couple of shovels, go out to an empty field, dig a hole and one of us would jump in and we'd bury him up to his neck. And I'd do it to. Never had a problem with it.

Looking back, I'm like . . . "Wha...?!" Even typing this is making me wonder just how stupid/bored we must have been at the time.


Also, that rumble you felt was the world reacting to the news that Evan Rachel Wood has admitted she's bisexual.

Yeah, me too.

This is me yawning.

Can you find me an (airquote)actress(/airquote) who isn't bisexual these days?

Honestly, could you find an actress who wouldn't do a lesbian love scene anymore?

The only personal information I need about Ms. Wood is how she managed to date Marilyn Manson for all those years.


Here's my thing -- I don't really care about anyone's sexual orientation. I don't care what lifestyle you chosen for yourself. Just quit beating me over the head about it. Please.

If gays and lesbians really want so desperately to fit in and be accepted, quit going to such lengths to rub everyone's faces into your choices.

Just do your thing and act like it's no big deal . . . and it won't be.

Isn't that what you want?

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