Wednesday, August 12, 2015

What is wrong with people?

Or more specifically -- what is wrong with political pundits and commentators, again specifically, conservative ones?

What idiot is able to believe that after 5 months of stalling, that Hillary Clinton will have actual damning evidence on her private server? Does anyone with any knowledge of computers really think that there are any internal parts of the device just handed over to the FBI that were in there 5 months ago when all this started? Would there be if it was your private server? It sure as hell wouldn't be if it was mine. And I don't have nearly the resources that the millionaire Clintons have at my disposal.

But they found two "Top Secret" documents already, you say? Yeah. And do we know who put them on the server? Do we know for a fact it was Secretary of State Clinton that put those documents on the server? Perhaps it was her just-found-out-to-be-overpaid assistant Huma Abedin. I've got a bright shiny penny that says that those documents will turn out either to have been put on that server by some underling (who will get a sweet, high paying job in the near future after their stern dismissal), without Madam Secretary's knowledge of course, or as we heard in one of the so-called incriminating sound bites being endlessly played on conservative talk shows, it will be a document that was only classified "Top Secret" some time after Hillary left office. So that way she'll be able to slough it off as a simple oversight, not an actionable case of mishandling sensitive documents.

I mean, how many times is she going to play the conservative media for chumps before they realize she simply isn't going to make a stupid mistake like that? The Clintons certainly believe they are above the law, but they don't go around leaving incriminating evidence in plain sight to be used against them. They are both lawyers after all. They constantly set themselves up to play the victim game -- that darn old vast right-wing conspiracy, and conservatives fall for it every time.

I'm still not 100% convinced Hillary will be the Dems candidate. I still think there's a good chance she's just the stalking horse for Elizabeth Warren. It worked in the 2008 campaign, while everyone was busy building their campaigns to beat Hillary, Obama snuck in at the last minute and stole the Presidency. I wouldn't put it past the Dems to try that again.

Just a thought.

And while I'm at it -- why is anyone even talking to Donald Trump about being President? He's totally unqualified on every front. He's a buffoon and a self-aggrandizing clown. He may have good business instincts vis a vis making money. But that doesn't mean he's got a clue on how to run this country. And he's no conservative. Ronald Reagan may have started out as an actor, but he spent time as California's governor, learning how to govern. We've had 6 1/2 years of a petulant wanna-be king, do we really need the Republican version of Obama now?

Just tranq dart this fool and get him off the stage so we can have serious discussions of policy and direction for the country. Trump is only bringing back the cringe-worthy spectacle of Republican candidates making asses of themselves in the 2012 primaries.

If Trump really cared about this country, he'd shut the eff up, get off the stage, open his bank account, and back a winnable candidate from the Republican party.

And conservative pundits and tv commentators would do the country a better service if they'd quit sucking up to him. I'm looking right at you Greta and Sean.


Tuerqas said...

AMEN BROTHER! On both statements.

postaldog said...

And as if to make my point, on Hannity last night, Sean has Newt and Carly Fiorina on and all he wants to talk about is whether they think Trump is as great as he does and will Hillary go to jail.

The answer is no on both points.

And here's a thought Sean -- Carly's running for President, maybe you should talk to her about her campaign and her ideas. Just a thought, but then I'm not a professional commentator with my own show. What do I know?