Monday, January 25, 2016

HotAir columnist missed the point, again

Over at HotAir there's a post by Jazz Shaw, whom I like as a rule, about the following statement made by Donald Trump as he spoke at a Christian college in northwest Iowa the other day:
"I could stand in the middle of Fifth Avenue and shoot somebody, and I wouldn’t lose any voters, OK? It’s like, incredible."

Shaw focused on the outrageous outrage that followed such an absurd statement, mocking those who assumed Trump was actually speaking about gunning down some innocent person. Of course he wasn't. But Shaw missed the 800lb elephant implied in that statement (again, too much mixed metaphors? sorry)

One -- Trump is speaking to the blind devotion, almost religious fervor of his supporters. They are immune to facts to the contrary about their newfound god. They are incapable of having intelligent debate about Trump's stances on various topics, his lack of practical experience, his constantly conflicting views or statements, and the withering impossibility of many of his proposed policies. Trump's statement encapsulates that ardent faith perfectly.

Two -- is the more sublime implication. Trump knows his supporters blindly support him no matter what he says, or proposes (as in increased ethanol subsidies the day after Ms. anti-crony-capitalism endorses him), or does. He is truly the Teflon Don in that regard. And that's scary. Because it shows that Trump knows he has carte blanche with his voters. He knows he can count on rabid support among 30% of Republican voters no matter what happens. And if by some chance he's not looking like the eventual candidate, he may get a chance to play Kingmaker, by pledging that rabid fan base to a candidate that needs it towards the end of the campaign.

Imagine what may come from Mr. art-of-the-deal if that scenario comes to pass.

That's the real point here Jazz.

And for emphasis, check out this vid put out by a Republican strategist -- Trump in his own words basically:

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