Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Man, did I call this

In a previous post, I mentioned that one of the defenses Hillary Clinton will rely on in ServerGate is the old it wasn't classified when I got it line. Well, what do you know:

So not only did she give the FBI a server that had been wiped clean (as I predicted), she's also playing the I'm just an ignorant old lady routine -- Wiped my server? You mean with a cloth or something? and How was I supposed to know it was classified? I'm only the Secretary of State.

That she's throwing every possible excuse against the wall to see what sticks doesn't surprise me much. But the rush by Dems to say every one of her preposterous excuses is totally valid just staggers me. Dems and Dem voters say it's okay for Hillary to apparently be so doddering and senile and tech unsavvy that she doesn't understand basic computer components and applications and doesn't understand the nature of Classified Documents.

Fabulous! Let's put grandma in the White House and have her finger on the button. What could go wrong? Just ask the ambassador from Bengazi. Oh yeah, you can't.

Remember how Dems and their sycophantic media allies relentless painted George Bush as an idiot? Every night on every alphabet network news show you had some talking head or commentator point out that Bush was a simpleton, far too uneducated to be running this country. And they leveled similar charges at his father. Remember the hubbub in the supermarket, when Bush 41 remarked about the inventory scanner? He's so out of touch, they screamed. Old white man just doesn't know anything about the real world.

But it's different with Hillary, right? Too stupid to understand the laws and regulations of being Secretary of State. Too ignorant of basic computer security that she thought a publicly accessed server was okay for every day use. So doddering and senile that her staff just runs amok beneath her, stripping classified imprimaturs off documents, etc. Yeah. She's totally okay for the big job.


And I had posted about Jared Fogle a while back when he was first arrested. Well, it seems he plead guilty to possession of child porn.

Some 5 months ago, Fogle's head of his charitable foundation was arrested on charges of producing child pornography. Since we already know that Fogle was soliciting underage girls for sex, and authorities have seized a truckload of computer stuff from his house, I'm guessing Fogle's lightning quick plea deal is intended to keep everything else from coming out. Child pornography isn't just sex, there's a whole seedy fetish-y subculture at work there. And I wouldn't be surprised to find out that Fogle was involved in some pretty distasteful stuff.

This guy's life is over. By his own perverted hand. Hard to feel sorry for him.

Apparently this investigation into Fogle had been going on for 10 years! A local woman down here had met Fogle in her role as a health reporter and Fogle had opened up about how "hot" he found middle school girls to be. He was mic'ed at the time and didn't realize he was being recorded. The reporter took it on her own to continue a pseudo friendship with Fogle, who was more than willing to share detailed information about his fantasies involving underage girls -- one of which included getting a middle school girl into the school's bathroom (for sex, presumably) during school hours.

As news of this long running investigation comes out (they had multiple people recording conversations with Fogle concerning his perversions), it will be interesting to see if there's any blowback over allowing this predator to room free and repeatedly solicit sex with 16 year olds while the FBI built its case.

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