Friday, August 14, 2015

Sarah Silverman isn't giving up

Amy Schumer has taken her unabashed 160lb curvy body and frank comedy routine right to the top of the female comic circuit. Of course, with such attention on her now, she has naturally back-pedaled on some of her stuff that offends the SJW crowd. But she's number one with a bullet at the moment.

Sarah Silverman isn't taking that lying down. She turned up at some foreign press affair rocking some nearly inappropriate cleavage (if there's such a thing):

sarah silverman cleavage

Just not going to hand over the it-girl comic mantle without a fight.

I wasn't aware of it, but apparently Sarah is in some cable tv series (I think the one about Masters & Johnson) and she's been nekkid more than a few times so far. So here's what's under that dress and don't say I never give you guys anything:

sarah silverman topless nude

And while I'm talking about shameless self-promotion . . . remember when Michael Bay was making Megan Fox a million dollar household name? And she was complaining that all he wanted to do was shoot her tits and ass? Yeah. So here's 30 year old Megan dressed up like a naughty schoolgirl on the set of the new TMNT movie:

megan fox naughty schoolgirl tmnt

It's not exactly a never say never thing, but in today's world, these gals (and guys) would do well to think before they open their mouths and say something that's going to come back on them. How lucky I am to have grown up in a time where every public utterance of mine wasn't uploaded to the cloud to live forever.



Anonymous said...

"It girl" or "tit girl" ?

postaldog said...

Lolz! You guys are killing me :-)