Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Glenn Beck exposes the hypocrisy

Beck was on Hannity last night to talk about an open letter he posted on Facebook, primarily to mainstream conservative commentators like Hannity, Coulter, Michael Savage and Rush (I'll add Greta in here as she's had a fawning jones for Trump ever since she got her own show). I'll excerpt the money shot:
"He is part of the problem when he by his own admission, buys politicians; he said he identifies his "policies more as a democrat"; he makes President Obama look truly humble; he was very pro abortion until very recently; he still says "don't defund planned parenthood"; he is pro "assault weapon ban"; he is in favor of a wealth tax that would just "take money out of people's bank accounts"; he is for boots on the ground in Iraq and 'taking the oil' from the Iraqi people; he is a progressive 'republican'; he says single payer health care works; he said he would give people more than just Obama care; the First Lady would be the first to have posed nude in lesbian porno shots; he said that he keeps all the bibles he is given in a "special place" out side the city - and he only goes to church on Christmas and Easter; he is generally not a likable guy; he has around 16% favorability with Hispanics and he has gone bankrupt 4 times."

Beck maintained a polite demeanor during his interview with Hannity, but you could see him nearly rolling his eyes as Sean brazenly put his hypocrisy front and center. When Beck questioned why Hannity accepted Trump's flip-flops on policy issues, Sean said it didn't matter what Trump said in the past, he believed what he was saying now. When Beck pointed out that it was Hannity himself who railed for months during the 2008 election that Barack Obama's comments prior to his election should be held against him, Hannity basically replied that it was different with Trump.

It's like debating a 14 year old.

And frankly, I'd throw Coulter under the bus on this in a heartbeat. Does anyone in the conservative commentator sphere have a worse record supporting candidates that Ann? She was wrong about Romney, wrong about Christie, wrong about McConnell, wrong about the Tea Party, etc. She's backing Trump because he riding her hobby horse of the moment -- immigration. She goes on these talk shows and takes any conversation about anything and finds a way to tie it to her stance on illegal immigration. It's absurd. Why does anyone listen to this woman on anything?

I said it in a previous post and I'll repeat myself once again -- Trump is a self-aggrandizing clown. He's a buffoon. His bullying tactics won't work in the White House and we've suffered through 6 1/2 years of a President who thinks he's better than the rest of us and smarter too. We don't need to put another wanna-be king in the White House simply because he's running as a Republican. Michael Bloomberg ran as a Republican for mayor of New York. How'd that work out? He was no more a conservative than Trump is.

Thinking conservatives should not be supporting this bozo. And frankly, I'm surprised that Beck's the only one of note who's come out publicly about this. I had given up on him when his show on FOX turned into a nightly cry-along. I don't visit The Blaze, my best friend did regularly, but I may have to start dropping in occasionally as he seems the only pundit of note who doesn't have his head up his ass at the moment.

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