Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Well, the MIB3 premiere looks interesting

micaela schaefer mib3 premire

First off . . . who knew they were even making a Men in Black 3?! 

Anyway, Micaela Schaefer showed up on the red carpet basically naked with something I suppose you could call a dress made out of . . . what, a ripped up garbage bag?  Not sure what that was, but if this gal is in the movie, guys won't have to be lamenting any non-nude scenes cause we can pretty much see everything Micaela's got right here.

Hmmm, perhaps she's filling in for Lara Flynn Boyle who, last time I saw a picture of her, seemed to be melting into a puddle of botoxed fillers.  Then again, maybe she just likes showing up to premieres in attention grabbing outfits.  Nah . . . that's just crazy talk, what am I thinking?

I also noticed Josh Brolin is in the flick (going by the movie poster background in some of the shots).  I guess he's filling in for Tommy Lee Jones who's getting a little long in the tooth for these action flicks.

Adding a smidge of glamour to the red carpet was the lovely Nicole Scherzinger, who always seems to be bringing the glam to these things.  Girl knows how dress, that's for sure:

nicole scherzinger mib3 premiere

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