Thursday, August 20, 2015

Forbes biggest female moneymakers in Hollywood

So Forbes released their biggest money makers for 2015. Not sure how that works since we're only 8 months into the year. I suppose they project earnings. But here's the list and I found at least a couple of surprises:

image   No. 1
Jennifer Lawrence

$52 million
scarlett johansson nude   No. 2
Scarlett Johansson

$35.5 million
Jennifer aniston topless   No. 5
Jennifer Aniston

$16.5 million
Angelina jolie topless   No. 7
Angelina Jolie

$15 million
reese witherspoon topless   No. 8
Reese Witherspoon

$15 million
anne Hathaway topless   No. 9
Anne Hathaway

$12 million
Kristen stewart topless   No. 10
Kristen Stewart

$12 million
Cameron diaz topless   No. 11
Cameron Diaz

$11 million
Gwyneth paltrow nipples   No. 12
Gwyneth Paltrow

$9 million
image   No. 14
Amanda Seyfried

$8 million
Sandra bullock sort of naked   No. 15
Sandra Bullock

$8 million

So here's what jumped out at me -- Reese Witherspoon makes as much as Angelina Jolie? That seems odd to me. I don't put them in the same talent catagory at all. Gwyneth makes only a fraction of what JLaw makes, and that's with her Goopy website and all the other side stuff she does. Plus she's got that Avengers gig. WTF? And how the heck is Cameron Diaz on this list? Can you name a movie she's been in recently? Maybe that thing with Kate Upton a couple of years ago, but what is she doing to rake in the coin like this?

Hollywood may be the last accepted bastion of legitimate payroll disparity between men and women in this country. But still, these gals aren't exactly on the poverty line here.


Tuerqas said...

I love your choices of photographs for the list. Somehow, I don't think they are the same pics that Forbes used...:)

postaldog said...

I can't imagine why . . . lolz!