Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Katie Holmes gets her white trash look on

On the set of her new movie All we had, Katie Holmes was working the trailer park fabulous look like she was borne to it:

katie holmes denim dress
katie holmes denim dress
katie holmes ass cheeks denim dress
katie holmes denim dress

Of course my ex-girlfriend would probably be going on about how hot she looks here and probably turn up one day at work in the same dress, but . . . there it is.

katie holmes denim dress


Anonymous said...

Not sure how anyone can consider her attractive

postaldog said...

In Katie's defense, I think the grunged her down for this part. I've seen her out and about in other pictures and she looked a lot nicer.

She could stand to put on a few pounds, imho, and I'm hoping her scrawniness is for the movie as well. Too many actresses diet down too far as they age in a quest to maintain the figure they had before children and/or when they were in their 20s.

Thanks for commenting :-)