Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Nah, conservative bloggers aren't arrogant at all

According to most high profile conservative bloggers and pundits, Rick Perry's campaign for President is pretty much over.

Erick Erickson was kind enough to let the Texas Governor know that his only recourse now is to drop out and endorse someone else . . . preferably whomever Erickson likes.

A Perry spokesman pointed out that the Gov. wasn't going to be rolled by a group of cyberbabies:

Mark Miner, a spokesman for Perry, said the Texas governor is focused on the people of South Carolina, not the pundits declaring the end of his campaign. “Pundits aren’t going to decide this race. The people of South Carolina are going to decide this race,” Miner said. “The governor’s focused on the people of South Carolina and their votes, not a pundit sitting behind a computer somewhere.”

The ever more tiresome Allahpundit over at HotAir, couldn't resist inserting a little snarky rejoinder to the above comment:

"Note to Miner: That random pundit sitting behind his computer screen is the same guy who introduced Perry before his big announcement speech this summer . . ."

I've made this comment many times before, but these bloggers and pundits are what is causing most of the problems in this election cycle. The bigger their soapbox, the more important they think they are and the more legitimate they think their pronouncements are.

I have the same complaint with musicians and actors -- just because they have a platform to dispense their views to a wide audience, doesn't make their views valid, more valid, or more informed than yours or mine.

But these bloggers look at their hit counters and the number of comments or site members and think they have the right to tell you how or what to vote for, or inform a candidate how he/she should run their campaign or career.

Last campaign cycle, the ever-so-knowledgible Allahpundit was informing his lemming commentors that if Mike Huckabee got the Republican nomination, they should all refrain from voting in the general election. Oh yes, in his opinion, the country would be better off with a President Obama as opposed to a President Huckabee.

How's that Obama presidency workin' out for ya there, dumbass!?!

But that's the best part about being a blogger/pundit -- you can make one stupid decision after another (HA's other resident genius, Ed Morrissey is a huge Romney fan! Yeah, brilliant!), but since you're not actually putting anything on the line, if you're wrong . . . eh! Whatever.

They used to say that those who can't do -- teach. It should be changed to those who can't do -- become bloggers or pundits.

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