Monday, August 18, 2014

The cutewatch returns

I used to do this thing on my old blog that I called the Lily Allen Cutewatch because she was always turning up in these adorable outfits, looking zany and huggable before Zooey Deschanel made it popular. Anyway, Lily took some time off, supposedly jaded and disappointed in the music industry and such. But it appears she's back, appearing at the V Music Festival over the weekend in England:

lily allen v music festival

Looking fit and trim and apparently motivated by the shameless self-exploitation of today's pop stars, she's bringing her own brand of smack down on today's divas:

lily allen v music festival

I don't think you need to have slept in a Holiday Inn Express last night to get the Miley references in the wardrobe she's rocking in the set pictured. Also making a comeback is Lily's penchant for casually exposing herself in public, which I don't particularly find objectionable at all:

lily allen nipple v music festival
lily allen nipple v music festival

I did manage to find an old pic of one of Lily's oops-y moments, thought I had more but you get the general idea here:

lily allen exposed boob


Anonymous said...

She's had wardrobe malfunctions in the past?

postaldog said...

That should answer your question.