Monday, August 4, 2014

It has begun...part 2

Boston lost two of three to the Yankees over the weekend. The guys are finally scoring some runs, but now there's no pitching to shut down the other team.


So how are the pitchers doing so far? Let's see:

  Last appearance
Name record era pi-k innings bb k
Anthony Ranaudo 1-0 3.00 91-53 6.0 4 2
Allen Webster 1-1 6.75 71-39 2.2 6 1
Clay Buccholz 5-7 6.20 114-61 5.0 5 5

On Saturday, Webster couldn't get out of the third inning after walking 5 straight batters. And on Sunday, Buccholz couldn't find the strike zone either, giving back 3 run leads twice. Supposedly, Buccholz is supposed to morph into the grizzled veteran leading a squad of young fireballers, but he can't seem to recover the magic that had him flirting with a 1-ish era at the beginning of last year. Doesn't bode well for a team desperate for veteran leadership on the mound.

They've been blowing Webster's horn for some time now, talking about how highly rated he is. But every time they bring him up, he gets shelled. Farrell is saying it's simply a matter of mechanics -- Webster is too far ahead or out over his foot or something, and that's causing him to miss the strike zone. Whatever. They're giving him another shot in the rotation. But unless they can hypnotize him or something, he simply might not have the mental edge to pitch in the bigs.

Rubby's on the mound for the game tomorrow night. He's been crazy inconsistent this season as well. Still 51 games to go. But someone needs to step up and claim a spot in this rotation or Cherri's gonna be dropping some serious coin in the off-season to find some competent arms to put on the mound for 2015 and beyond.

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