Tuesday, January 8, 2013

So, this happened . . .

. . . which is weird

Yep, so I'm on vacation this week. And after getting bent over by my local Chrysler dealer for a brake job -- $800 for brakes on two wheels! Really!? WTF?! I'm sitting on the sofa watching television, put my hand on the back of my head and it's covered in blood:

Clean up in aisle 5!

Got no effin' idea what happened. Last thing I remember is sending my girl a text around 5:30pm. 45 min later . . . it's Dawn of the Dead in my living room. Did the CSI thing and found blood on a door jamb about 2 feet off the floor and some blood on the carpet inside the doorway where I guess I landed:

Did the shadetree mechanic's check-up on myself -- pupils the same size, reactive to light. No denser than usual when it comes to thinking and reasoning. Went to sleep last night (nervously) and woke up this morning. So I'm not thinking concussion from the fall. But as my sister points out -- I hit my head hard enough that I can't remember what happened. So there's that . . . which isn't good.

My sister, the ER doctor, and my girl are pushing me to go to the ER to get checked out, so I guess I will. But this is just so freekin' odd.

Heck of a way to start the new year.

Yeah, so apparently it was a concussion. Went to the emergency room and ended up spending half my vacation in the hospital while they ran pretty much every test imaginable. A slight brain hemorrhage that may have been a result of the spill, who knows. Good times, heh.

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