Thursday, August 14, 2014

Feckless former President slams climate realists

“The biggest problem we have right now is some nutcases in our country who don’t believe in global warming. I think that they are going to change their position because the evidence of the ravages of global warming is coming or is already there.”

Thus spake our 39th President, Jimmie Carter, at the American Renewable Energy Summit recently. Carter was there to accept a lifetime achievement award, presumably because he created the Dept. of Energy back in the day. You remember those days, right? Gas shortages, long lines at the pump, runaway inflation, the misery index . . . yeah, let's give the guy an award for that. See a problem -- create a government agency that can't do a damn thing about it. Typical left-wing optics. Or course, our current President got the Nobel Peace Prize simply for being elected, so . . .

But as Ronald Reagan used to say, "There you go again" with this nonsense about "ravages of global warming."

So where are we, with all the ravaging anyway? Let's see . . .

As I've pointed out in previous posts, we haven't had any global warming for nearly 18 years now.

We haven't had a major hurricane (cat 3-5) make landfall in over 3 years in the U.S., and tornadoes are at a record low for the same period. With the exception of the west coast, the U.S. has been basically drought and wildfire free this year.

Winter snow coverage in the Arctic has increased to record levels over the last 10 years with what they call old ice nearly doubling over the last 3 years. And in the Antarctic, sea ice is at record highs. All this despite the Goreacle's histrionic bleating about disappearing ice flows and stranded polar bears and such. Remember that brave group of scientists who went to the Antarctic to record the plight of the polar bears and document the disappearing ice . . . yeah, trapped in massive ice floes. Perhaps if they had just looked at the satellite data first. Bah, pesky facts, don't let them get in the way of a good photo op, right?

And speaking of Al Gore, his current obsession is flooding, claiming that rising CO2 levels are increasing global flooding. Except no such thing is actually happening. The world's top ten deadliest floods occurred prior to 1976 when global CO2 was at or below 350ppm. In the U.S. we haven't experienced increased flooding in well over 100 years. So what's he on about? The usual. Each time his b.s. is debunked, he repackages it as something else and throws it out there to the flunkies in the press who dutifully run with it, while real scientists scramble to fight the misinformation.

You know, Jimmie seemed okay when he was building houses for the homeless and stuff like that. But now with his anti-Semetic viewpoints and blithering ignorance on climate science, he's just gone off the rails into crazy grandpa territory.

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