Saturday, August 23, 2014

Goodness, Selena Gomez certainly has been workin' it recently

Innocent little Selena Gomez was spotted out and about the other day, rockin' her favorite coochie cutter shorts and some f*ck me boots:

selena gomez short shorts
selena gomez fuck me boots

I say "favorite" shorts because we saw Selena wearing those same shorts to a business meeting earlier in the month. Not sure what the meeting is about, but I'm guessing she got pretty much whatever she wanted while there:

selena gomez ass cheeks

just sayin'

And then yesterday, we see young Selena out to lunch with friends wearing a breezy, practically see-through summer dress and showing some serious sideboob at times:

selena gomez hard nipples
selena gomez sideboob

Goodness indeed. No wonder Bieber shaved off that stupid excuse for a mustache . . . she's got way too much game for him to be behaving like a foolish child if he wants to keep her around this time.

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