Monday, August 11, 2014

And now my computer has a virus

Oh yeah, this vacation is getting off on the right foot. First it rains all day, so I can't get anything done outside like I had hoped. Then while working on some computer projects I've been putting off for like, forever, blammo I get this effin' virus that has my computer all locked out. Can't even start the thing in safe mode because whatever it is, it has the keyboard locked out during boot.


So I'm working off my laptop, which I don't do much. It's hard to type on and a bigger problem -- I don't have ftp software loaded into it. So I had to get new software, and contact my hosting company to get new ftp user/pass names . . . sheesh! What a pain in the ass!

And now I'll have to call the nerd squad and pay them to clean out my 'puter . . .

Never ends, does it?

And while she's not a virus, serious cutie Sally Charles is definitely giving me a fever:

sally charles
sally charles
sally charles


Tuerqas said...

Whoa! Iam going to have to look up what she has been in...

postaldog said...

I've got a hunch it may be a bit porn-y . . . just sayin'