Monday, August 11, 2014

So, The Leftovers is still p*ssing me off . . .

But at least the sheriff, played by Mr. Jennifer Aniston, finally hooked up with Nora, played by Carrie Coon:

carrie coon

I like the character of Nora, and Coon has this simple attractiveness to her . . . I just find her hot. I'm sure the writers will poison the relationship since they seem to have this perverse desire to frustrate the viewers at every turn.

Still no answers about pretty much anything. Only more obtuse, supposedly thought provoking dialogues and situations -- ooh, what's that National Geographic mean?


And since we may not get many more looks at Ms. Coon's delightful body, here's a screencap I found from last night's little get together:

carrie coon topless in the leftovers

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