Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Rick Perry responds to his absurd indictment

Perry released another response (this time in video form via RickPAC) to the shameless politically motivated indictment of him for vetoing funding for a department run by an out-of-control drunk. Concise and to the point . . . and pretty damning:

It is important to note that the supposed "watchdog" group that pushed for the indictment is an arm of the George Soros wing of the Democratic party, receiving over half a million dollars in funding from the far left billionaire America hater.

These are the same tactics we saw in Texas with the fraudulent indictment of Tom DeLay, later dismissed on appeals, that took The Hammer out of the House of Representatives. And of course, we saw the same thing with Sarah Palin, as she was buried under spurious ethics complaints to the point that she had to resign her Governorship to save the State of Alaska and herself millions in attorney's fees.

With the 2016 Presidential race heating up, and Hilary looking like a complete disaster, the lefties have to make sure they destroy any Republican who looks like they might be gaining a foothold in the public's mind. I, personally, think this will backfire on the Dems. Though Perry may not be the "Debater in Chief" as he retorted during the 08 primaries, he's a seasoned politician and not afraid to swing for the fences in a fight. With even hard left liberals decrying this absurd indictment, this could turn into a sort of Dukakis moment for Dems in the upcoming election.

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