Wednesday, July 20, 2016

San Diego ComicCon is right around the corner, and you know what that means . . .

My favorite attention hungry redhead is getting her costumes ready. Let's see what she's got for us this year:

First up, we have some sort of ad hoc Star Wars get up. She's got a Darth Vader helmet there. Not sure where this one is going:

maitland ward comic con 2016

Ahhh . . . the old standby . . . Princess Leia slave girl outfit. Maitland's a bit fuller in figure than she's been in years past. Walking around in this outfit might lead to some interesting moments. IfyouknowwhatImeanandIthinkthatyoudo:

maitland ward princess leia comic con 2016

Okay, we're going to try the Leeloo costume again. She made a run at this one last year and it turned out a bit crappy. Looks closer to the movie costume this time and see my comment above about trying to walk around in this outfit:

maitland ward leeloo comic con 2016

Yeah, this is basically what I'm talking about . . . a bit of the old free the nipple which I believe is frowned upon as the San Diego convention. Conservatives are banned from Twitter, but not bare bosoms. Ain't the internet wonderful?

maitland ward nipple

I got nothing here. You? It's green and see through (always a plus), but what . . . a LOTR elf or something? *shakes head*

Update: Ahh, I see, it's a Logan's Run outfit. Why didn't I see that before? *facepalm*

maitland ward comic con 2016

I'm surprised she isn't rocking the Harley Quinn outfit or perhaps Lara Croft (they're rebooting it with teenie actress Alicia Vikander, so no big bewbs). And with a movie Wonder Woman and a television Super Girl . . . there's plenty of other sexy outfits to go for.

We'll see what she comes up with and if it's anything amazing, I'll definitely post it here.

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