Sunday, August 4, 2013

Too politically correct these days?

So I was watching the Sports Reporters this morning, and the subject of the video of Eagles tight end Riley Cooper uttering a racial slur in a fit of anger came up. Commentator Howard Bryant pointed out that the NFL is, for all intents, a "black" league not unlike the NBA, and that Cooper would have to deal with his teammates over the remark.

While I'll admit that the n-word (I haven't seen the video but I'm assuming that's what he said) isn't a nice word to use -- ever listen to the rap coming out of passing cars when you're out and about? We're sort of back to the bit about it's okay if I say it, but it's bigotry if you say it again. Which is absurdly hypocritical.

Plus, the impression here is that blacks don't ever make derogatory remarks about whites these days. We had this in the Zimmerman case recently -- while everyone was trying so hard to prove that Zimmerman "profiled" Trayvon Martin, no one was commenting on the fact that Martin and his girlfriend both profiled Zimmerman as a homosexual child molester. Where was the outrage and examination over that? Why did Martin automatically assume the doughy, mild-mannered looking Zimmerman was gay and a pedophile?

I'm disappointed that no one brought this up. What pure as the driven snow black football player is going to judge this guy on what he said? Let he who without sin cast the first stone, you know? The stuff that goes back and forth on the football field when these guys play is pretty dicey. That's one of the reasons they don't feature high-gain mics in live broadcasts.

And then I was watching something the other day, I think it was in reference to Anthony Weiner's staff gal launching into a profanity-laced tirade, and one of the ladies commenting mentioned that the c-word should be banned from the English language.


Like I mentioned above, ever hear some of the insults directed towards men from women nowadays? All that feminist empowerment has led to some pretty salty language and it seems okay for women to hurl demeaning comments towards men, but one particular word about female anatomy . . . ?

And not only that, but how many times have you heard women use that very word when yakking at another female? It's the same hypocrisy I mentioned above.

And don't get me started on how delicately we have to tread (I'm struggling to avoid using the word mince here) around anything that might offend gays. Look, you want equality? Then deal with equality in everything, that includes verbally taking one on the chin. There's plenty of bad words in the English language, and other languages as well. If we're going to get all "Thought and Speech Police" here we're going to have some pretty short conversations with each other from now on.

Hmmm . . . on review, perhaps that wouldn't be such a bad idea after all :-)

And also while watching the show, I noticed that my golfing cutie, Morgan Pressel was tied for the lead going into the final round of the Women's British Open. At least I think she was, that freekin' crawl is so hard to read. But if so, I'll be rooting for her.

morgan pressel

Morgan finished tied for 4th place with a 5 under 283 for the tournament. Her prize money was $116,089 though as we saw with Phil's win at the British, she'll only see about half of that. Love those socialist tax brackets!
Way to go cutie!


Anonymous said...

The N-word is the poster child for hypocrisy today. There is not a better example anywhere. There are no derogatory slurs 'white folk' can use on each other, but minorities are criticized for using. There are, however, all kinds of words that whites cannot use in reference to any minority or even white women. It is a sad joke.

postaldog said...

Indeed. And what kills me is all these self-hating white commentators that not only go along with this hypocrisy, but advance it as well. Supposedly so intelligent, but they miss the inherent danger in this sort of reverse discrimination in speech.

Thanks for commenting :-)

Anonymous said...

I think you are missing the essence of liberalism there. Liberals are PROUD of their views. Their problem is not self hate, it is self love. BHO is called a narcissist for a very good reason. Most libs are. The hate spewed by blacks makes white libs feel paradoxically superior for a number of reasons:

1) Most think the poor black people were abused by whites for so long, they deserve to act out some. (I honestly feel like most libs think of blacks as children who need to be taken care of)
2) At the same time this makes them feel superior to blacks because they take the abuse sitting down (in an unconsciously condescending manner).
3) It makes them feel superior to white conservatives who just want equality and 'whine' about how laws favor minorities.

Libs see no danger in reverse discrimination for a couple of reasons too. First because they feel in control of the discrimination laws and secondly because they control the dollars spent on their minority kids.

It really has less to do with self hate or intelligence than with narcissism, indoctrination and control.

I have been watching your blog for the eye candy, but since I don't love or hate the Sox (live in Wisconsin) and the eye candy needs no comment, I haven't written until now. Good post.

postaldog said...

Come for the eye candy, stay for the occasional thought provoking post. I'll take that anytime :-)

Thanks for coming around, and I'm glad you found something to comment on.


smokedaddy said...

What gets me is that for all the prufusion of coverage and commentary, I've seen nary any actual reporting of what Cooper actually said, or the context. I did see a partial clip where he drukenly blurted out "I'll take on every nigger I see here" or words to that effect. Now, I don't know Cooper well enough to know whether his drunken state is more mitigating or more revealing of his true feelings. But c'mon, as usage of any racially disparaging word goes, this seems to me to be relatively benign.

postaldog said...

To his credit, Cooper is already undergoing voluntary counseling over what he says caused the outburst, so perhaps thats drinking or something. But still, that's a fairly benign use of the n-word. I'm sure stuff gets tossed around the locker room on a daily basis that is much worse.

Interestingly, some former player, now on ESPN has been temporarily bumped off the air for calling Michael Smith a "house n-word" and an "uncle tom"at an industry party while drunk. While the words themselves are fairly innocent, the meaning behind them, in this case, is far more inflammatory. At least this one makes more sense.