Monday, April 15, 2013

Yep, it's Tax Day

Yep, the year is flying by and it is April 15th that lovely day when we have to get our taxes filed or postmarked to keep big nanny government off our backs.

Despite the ceaseless whining by conservative no-nothing pundits, the Post Office will have selected offices open until midnight tonite to get your procrastinated returns dated for today. Because we're cool like that! You know, customer service and all that.

My "procrastination" remark is completely without condemnation as I myself have not completed my taxes yet either.

If you're like me, and either need more time or do not have all your paperwork aligned, you can file IRS Form 4868 either electronically or by mail (must be postmarked by today) to keep you legal and stuff.

Though I do not generally pimp for other services, I've used these guys in the past and have been completely satisfied with their tax extension service:

It costs $9.95 (I think) and they aren't trying to sell you filing software or force you to do your entire taxes with them just to get to the extension. Their site is simplicity itself, takes only a couple of minutes, and you get a confirmation of receipt by the IRS in about 3 minutes.

Remember, an extension doesn't relieve you of your tax obligation or extend the time period to pay what you owe, if anything. You'll have to drop some coin when you finally file your taxes. No escaping it.

Good luck!

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