Sunday, October 9, 2016

Today in Twitpics

Or Snapchat pics or Instagram pics . . . I'm never sure exactly where these come from.

This first is from Charissa Thompson, who is a sportscaster on FoxSports 1 and apparently was displeased with this image because she deleted it almost right after it was posted. Don't ask me why, it doesn't look scandalous to me. Maybe that's the problem . . . heh

charissa thompson deleted twitter pic

This next is a little self-photoshop deal from Eliza Dushku. I'm liking the see-thru outfit, but she looks sort of overly thin to me. I don't think the world would come to an end if she put on a couple of pounds.

eliza dushku see-thru twitter pic

Here's 51 year old Elizabeth Hurley who is making me think she has some sort of Dorien Gray thing going on, because she just keeps getting hotter with each passing year.

liz hurley bikini twitter pic

And last, but not certainly least, is my favorite redhead Maitland Ward who keeps freein' that nipple. This time in an outtake from a photoshoot for an actual print magazine that she appeared in. MEL Magazine, ever heard of it? Yeah, me neither. Probably like that "swimwear" line that hired her. *sigh*

maitland ward nipple twitter pic

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