Monday, October 3, 2016

So that's where John Nolte landed

I first heard of writer John Nolte when he was working for Big Hollywood, one of Andrew Breitbart's original Big 3 websites dedicated to bringing conservative views and reporting to Hollywood, Journalism and Washington.

Nolte's shtick was that he was this die-hard conservative movie critic hiding in wildly liberal Hollywood and had to keep his opinions on politics to himself. Indeed, Big Hollywood's primary drawing card was that it had conservative actors, directors and others writing articles under pseudonyms, finally able to speak their minds on politics and what it meant to be a conservative in Hollywood. But Nolte's job, as a professional movie reviewer became to search new movies for what he called the "sucker punch" of liberal movie makers. That is, they would sneak sinister left wing talking points and propaganda into films like so much subliminal advertising, secretly seducing an unawares public.

I'm being a bit snarky there, but on one level, he's right -- Hollywood has been for years pushing their liberal agenda via movies, television, etc. And I guess it helps to point this stuff out, but if you're writing for a conservative website, I think your readers might already be onto this fact, you know?

Nolte eventually transitioned into full time political commentary, but the last movie I remember him railing about was Jurassic World, singling out a line by Chris Pratt where he said "... maybe this time progress should lose." And turning that into some sneaky indictment of capitalism.

Have you seen that movie? It's on cable now in heavy rotation. Go watch it, the exchange comes fairly early into the flick. See if you jump to the same absurd conclusion Nolte did. I doubt you will. Like many of these gotcha watchdog types, they end up struggling to find something to complain about and end up weakening their own efforts/cause by desperately digging out minutia to be outrageously outraged about.

Anyway, after Breitbart went full Trumpbart, I hadn't seen Nolte's byline over there on any of their websites. I wondered if he had damaged his own brand with both the sloppy movie work and his angry political columns that seemed light on substance and heavy on emotion. But no, I stumbled across him once again.

There's a site called Daily Wire, which I only found because there was something by Ben Shapiro there. I like Shapiro, I like that he has called out Breitbart for what it has become and how it is denigrating Andrew's legacy. When I saw something by Nolte there, I thought maybe he had escaped and wiped the muck from his eyes. Nope. He's still a full on Trumpbot:
For most of the primary season, I supported candidates other than Trump, but he was always in my top 3 or 4, and from the beginning I never underestimated the guy. The most appealing thing about Trump is that unlike the other 16 GOP Dwarves he so expertly vanquished, he represents REAL CHANGE. Rubio, Cruz, Jeb(!), they all would have run as status quo/Democrat-lite, and they all would have been mired in some phony, media-generated scandal like this New York Times Nothingburger dropped on Trump Sunday morning. (OMG! Trump wrote off his losses!)

Trump will secure our borders, fix plutocrat-centered trade deals, fight for school choice, kill ObamaCare, end the suicidal refugee program, nominate conservative Supreme Court Justices… and all this will/can/could've happen(ed) if he would just stop baring his ass.

Right now I'm furious with the man.

He's making fools of us all, of those who for a year now have taken the MSM/#NeverTrump slings and arrows. Many of his supporters are currently in denial, or just can't bring themselves to admit that right now he's blowing it. I get that. No one wants the incoming "Toldjasos." But he is blowing it, and what is so unforgivable is that he is doing so over the one thing he can control -- his temperament.


Talk about denial. Has Nolte even been watching as his hero has walked back all the things he claims Trump will do? He's right about one thing, all us #NeverTrump-ers are laughing at him. Nolte's a fool. He had a chance to vote for any one of several good candidates, actual Republican conservative politicians that could have run this country expertly. Instead, Nolte threw in with a con man, a buffoon who doesn't know anything about politics or the world or how to actually run anything. Yep, Trump represents REAL CHANGE John, but not the good kind. And that nothingburger in his tax returns? It isn't so much that he set himself up to not pay taxes for 20 years, but it's the fact this supposed brilliant businessman lost a BILLION DOLLARS on stupid business ventures!

And this is the guy that's going to fix our trade deals?! How f*cking blind can you be?

And like so many of Trump's desperate supporters, Nolte spends the article begging Trump not to self-destruct. Oh if only Donald could control himself for 35 days . . . oh if only he could stop hate-tweeting at 3:00am . . . oh if only he could be the soft focus brilliant businessman I see when I close my eyes . . . what pathetic drivel! This is what we've been trying to tell you since the primaries began. This isn't a bug . . . this is a feature, this is who Donald Trump is. Open you're f*cking eyes, John!

Yes John Nolte, I'm laughing at you. But it's not a satisfied belly laugh, more one of pity. I pity you that you're incapable of realizing how taken in by this con man you really are. I pity you that you don't have the spine to admit you were fooled and instead keep doubling down on your delusions and manic fantasies about a Trump Presidency.

You could have lent your voice to people trying to get a decent conservative politician into the White House. But no, you were seduced by the bright shiny object a self-absorbed showman waved in front of your eyes. You brought this on yourself, and like others in conservative media, you John Nolte brought this country to this place. You abdicated your duty as a journalist to shine a light on the lies and shameless self-interest of your own party members.

Yes John Nolte, I'm laughing at you. You deserve it.


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