Sunday, October 2, 2016

And let me address this Colin Kaepernick mess for a moment

As my one or two regular readers already know, I work for the U.S. Postal Service. We have this rule in place, the Hatch Act, which states that we cannot engage in political activities while on the clock or in uniform. This is to prevent people from associating the Post Office with any one politician or political position, policy or agenda.


Colin Kaepernick is an employee of the San Francisco 49ers. While he may have 1st Amendment rights, he doesn't (or shouldn't) have the right to engage in politicking while on the job. They have morals clauses in these players contracts to keep them from engaging in activities which injure the image of the team.

If I was the owner of the 49ers, or any team in the NFL, I'd tell these guys they were more than welcome to protest or do what they like on their own time, but while in uniform they represent the team and the team doesn't agree with their position or their right to use the team to promote their political views.

And then I'd suspend them and bar them from the stadium until they agreed to stop violating team policies.


I'm sure the ACLU would want to jump in on this, but I think this is a fight worth fighting if you are an employer. Not sure why no one's doing it. But they should.

By the way, notice how you're not seeing this nonsense going on at baseball games or NASCAR?

Wanna bet NBA games will be protest fests when it starts back up?

Food for thought.

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