Thursday, October 27, 2016

This worries me a bit

deadpool 2 needs a new director

Earlier this year Deadpool blew the box office away by crushing every preconceived notion the movie industry had about superhero movies. You could have some nudity. You could have some bad language. You could actually make a superhero movie for grown-ups and give it an R rating and it wouldn't drive the viewing public away (see my review of Deadpool here).

After opening big, Deadpool went on to make about 3/4 billion worldwide. That's big money for a relatively low budget flick. And the studio didn't hesitate to greenlight a sequel. News was that the popular comic character Cable would be in the sequel and fans were off to the races talking, texting, tweeting, blogging about how the second movie would/should play out.

Reality check kids.

News came out earlier this week, that Deadpool director Tim Miller has stepped away/been pushed out of the director's chair for the sequel. Initially we got the dreaded creative differences boilerplate about Miller's leaving. Then it became a rift between Miller and Ryan Reynolds, who is a much bigger celeb in Hollywood than Miller, as they differed on the casting of the Cable character.

Then it went back to the creative thing again as the nefarious "sources" claimed Miller wanted an action-y flick and Reynolds wanted to lean more heavily on humor and fourth wall breaking and raunch, etc.

Last thing I saw was something along the lines that Reynolds wanted a lower budget flick like the original, and Miller, who's background is in CGI effects, wanted a much more expensive movie with tons of visual effects and such to the tune of tripling the cost of the original movie. People close to Miller say that's bullsh*t. Other directors are chiming in saying it's a shame Miller had to leave the production of a franchise he helped start. And a bunch of idiot fans (probably Trump supporters, lolz) started an online petition to get Quentin Tarantino on board as the new director.


So many times we see that it is the tension between opposing views, ideologies, and the like that create the best final product. There's a potential here for this second movie to go down in flames horribly. Miller and Reynolds hit just the right mix of sincerity, irreverence, and action to create one of the best comic adaptations since the genre got going.

Don't f*ck this up, guys.


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