Sunday, October 9, 2016

I'm not apologizing for saying "I told you so"

i warned you about trump

I warned you. All you bumper sticker mentality voters, I warned you. We all warned you. All us statistically insignificant #NeverTrump-ers warned you.

We told you what kind of man, and I'm using the term in the loosest of meanings, Donald Trump is. I've said it all along -- he's a vulgar, crass, self-aggrandizing ass clown. He's addicted to power and notoriety and all the perks his wealth and fame bring him.

And that includes, by his own words, the ability to engage in sexual battery, to attempt to seduce married women and brag about these things along with noting that his position in life allows him to do pretty much whatever he wants to whomever he wants.

And this is the guy you want in the White House? This is the skilled, motivated genius who can run this country and correct our path in history? Yeah, don't worry about those four bankruptcies. And don't worry about what he says at any given time. It's your fantasy of what you believe Trump to be that is all that matters.

I had to venture over to Conservatives4Palin this morning to see how the truly deranged were defending Trump. Wow. What a place! If you imagine that Sarah Palin herself has degraded into a pathetic caricature of a former vice-presidential candidate and sitting governor, you should see what a howling mess the website that supports her has become.

Sarah herself has a post, or perhaps more accurately, she posted to Facebook and the site reprinted it, where she mentions that Trump's statements are 10 years old. As if that matters. And it's only manly man locker room talk . . . Hillary did much worse defending her husband for his various and multiple indiscretions. And so on.

Manly locker room talk, Sarah? I wonder how you'd feel if your First Dude husband was caught on tape talking about molesting women? Or what you'd think if during an interview he happily gave permission to the interviewer to refer to your daughter Bristol as a "piece of ass" or if Todd spoke lewdly and approvingly of Bristol's curvy physique? Would you just shrug it off?

And if this wasn't a pattern of continual behavior . . . if it was just the latest episode in the life of a sixty year old man who embodies every stereotype of what it means to be an ugly uncouth vulgar man, would you, Sarah, be so forgiving?

I wonder.

And on top of that, there was a post by some mouth breather named Thomas who not only brushed aside Trump's comments but in fact said that he enjoyed them. That somehow Trump was allowing men to be men once more by validating some notion that one measures one's manliness through sexual exploits. Whether consensual or not:
Men can now reclaim masculinity from our emasculating politically correct culture.

The old fashioned prudish and pastoral days of the GOP are officially over.

Locker room talk is self explanatory. Locker room talk is a normal, and natural thing that real men do.

The most shocking thing to me is that I am the one burdened with taking a stand for all the men and their dying right of masculinity.

As we learned in the GOP primary, an old fashioned puritanical campaign, based on an old line frame of reference no longer works in America

Remember, these are the same fanatical Sarah Palin fans that went berserk when RedState posted this obvious photoshop of Sarah sitting on Santa's lap as the header to an article about her:

how far sarah palin has fallen

These are the same people that screamed, rightfully so I should add, for Martin Bashir's head when he said on air that someone should acquaint Sarah with scat sex.

But molestation, implied incestuous feelings, and every other absurd and disturbing thing Trump has said during the election cycle and before? It's all good, bro. Just men being men. Bringin' back the hairy chests and knuckle dragging, dude. No wonder Hannity is such a fan.

Trump's personal Pravda -- Breitbart, has been strangely quiet. Their only posting has mentioned that the bothersome statements came in an interview with Bush 41's grandson. As if that somehow mitigates their awfulness.

John Nolte, who I mentioned in a post below, actually thinks this episode will reset the election in Trump's favor.

Yeah. I don't get it either.

But Nolte thinks Trump will offer some heartfelt apology (the one last night certainly wasn't it) and then having defused this controversy, will have the moral authority to attack Hillary on her role in protecting Bill from the various "bimbo eruptions" he went through as President. And thence cruise into the White House easily.

Yep. Sure thing there John. By the way, that bridge in the Everglades is still for sale. I can let you have it cheap.

There is another Presidential debate tonight. Hosted by Anderson Cooper, an outspoken gay man, and Martha Radditz, a close personal friend of President Obama and whose husband became the head of the FCC under Obama.

Wanna bet we don't get a lot of wonky policy questions tonight? Should we be taking bets on how quickly Trump melts down?

People are screaming for Trump to either step down or be taken off the ticket. That ship has sailed. Flaccid weakling Reince Preibus had his chance to let the convention choose a nominee the entire party could get behind, but he knuckled under to the noisy minority of republican voters and their enablers in the right wing media and forced Trump upon us.

Early voting has already begun. Most of the absentee ballots have already been mailed. There is a provision in the RNC rules to allow them to replace a candidate who dies or quits the race or otherwise ceases to be a candidate. The otherwise bit is what people are hanging on, hoping that forcibly removing Trump falls into the otherwise category.

I've posted my thoughts on the bait-and-switch scenario. And I'm not for it. I could vote for Pence if it came down to it, but possibly not if the VP is Ben Carson. Who the hell thought that was a good idea?! But imagine the fallout if they swapped out Trump and won the election. Hillary and the DNC would have a challenge in front of the Supreme Court before the month was out. And even if the court validated the election results, we'd have four years of Dems talking about yet another stolen election and endless chatter on liberal dominated television and cable about deceitful Republicans, yada, yada, yada.

This is a mess. And you guys -- Reince, Rush, Hannity, Greta, Bolling, Coulter, Ingraham, Jazz, Levin . . . all you idiots that bent a knee to Trump . . . you brought this upon us. You own it. F*ck the lot of you.

I warned you.

We warned you.

#NeverTrump You should have listened to us.


Tuerqas said...

"Sarah herself has a post, or perhaps more accurately, she posted to Facebook and the site reprinted it, where she mentions that Trump's statements are 10 years old."

Maybe she meant Trump's statements are that of a 10 year old:).

Heh, really though, most people have to realize that this guy is a brash, insincere man who has specifically given shock jocks juicy fodder for decades before he considered running for any office. If you did not already know that he has been capable of saying the most shocking things or using his power for self serving reasons, you have really not been paying the slightest bit of attention to him in the past. It really does matter that it was 10 years ago. If Howard Stern (the radio host) ever ran for office, the things he said while on radio would burn your ears off if you took them at face value. It is for this same reason that if he were to actually be elected, I think we could count on him to 'fail' equally at his stupid racist type promises too. His massive failure would be at a few odd overly grand gestures that don't pass through Congress and then him huffily giving up, not any sinister Hitler-like power grab. He doesn't have that kind of ambition or mentality.

Anonymous said...

but you like to show pics of babes semi nude. hypocrite?

postaldog said...

Perhaps I should mention that I'm not running for President.

Perhaps I should also mention that there's a difference between posting publicly available images of models and other women in their deliberate attempts at self-exploitation and bragging about attempting to finger f*ck some stranger, walking in on underage girls while they dress for a beauty pagent, or simply forcing my unwanted affections on any woman I meet and saying I can get away with it because of my money and celebrity status.

Nothing hypocritical about what I'm doing.

Trump is a vulgar disgusting pig. He's unqualified to be President and every one of these episodes that comes to light only proves it.