Wednesday, October 19, 2016

*sigh* another debate tonight

another fucking debate

Why are we bothering with this?

In past election cycles, even when it looked like one candidate was going to run away with it, there was perhaps some information or at least a chance for the supposed loser in the race to make a few last points. Anyone think Trump is going to go out with some dignity?

Yeah, me neither.

I mean, it's pretty much a foregone conclusion that Clinton will win the White House. Every single substantive poll shows her anywhere from 5 to 8 points up, and by most accounting, already has enough electoral votes to win the race. Only the last remnants of Trump's delusional bumper sticker voters like Drudge are pointing to random college polls claiming with exclamation points that the race is tied up. How pathetic.

Rabid cesspool Conservatives4Palin has shrunk down to just one post a day, pretty much all by their live in mouth breather Thomas, who has given up totally trying to defend Trump or forward the Trump platform (probably because there never was anything beyond some slogans to begin with) and is throwing all the mud at Hillary he can. Sort of pointless to do in an echo chamber. And not that Hillary doesn't deserve any and all of the criticism leveled at her, it's just . . . why are you bothering? The knuckle draggers that frequent that place don't need to be convinced who to vote for. They've been all in for Trump since the get go, since Sarah sold her soul and integrity to support him.

What anyone who truly cares about conservatism and the fate of this country should be focusing on now are the down ballot races. Make sure the Republican party doesn't lose any seats in the House or Senate and get ready for the next four years of bumping and banging in Washington.

So a couple of hours of prime time television will get blocked out tonight. I guess we'll get a lot of Trump launching one insane conspiracy theory after another at Hillary. I'm not sure who the moderators will be tonight, but I'm wondering if they advocate as hard for Hillary as the others have. And if so, I wonder if we'll get treated to the sight of Trump walking off stage in the middle of the debate. He's already destroyed a teleprompter at one event, and he's been sowing the seeds of a rigged election for the last couple of weeks. I can easily see a scenario where he argues with the moderator and stomps off and then goes into a furious tweet-storm blaming everyone but himself for his historic failure.

I doubt anyone is going to change their vote or make a final decision based on what happens tonight. This has been the most polarizing campaign in my adult lifetime. This isn't going to be a dignified way for the process to finish.

Just not sure why we're going through the motions. It's like inviting people to a prospective trainwreck . . . "Come on, watch the carnage, it'll be great!"


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