Monday, October 10, 2016

Rita Ora is see through . . . again

rita ora see thru

Yeah, this is pretty much business as usual in the wardrobe department for Ms. Ora. But:

rita ora see thru

Holy wardrobe appropriation Batman! How about those shoes?! You know Burt Ward is looking in his closet right now trying to figure out how she got ahold of his Robin boots.   heh

rita ora see thru
rita ora see thru

The other part of this that befuddles me is the fact that she's basically wearing a negligee to dinner or some club. She's deliberately see through, so she wants to show off the girls. She knows she's going to get pap'd going either in or out of this establishment. And yet she walks in with her head down like she doesn't want to be seen.


She could have pulled that robe onto her shoulders and covered up. But no, she walks in allowing the pap to get all these pics of her while trying to look like she's so put off by the attention.

Girls confuse me.


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