Thursday, October 27, 2016

Emma Stone disappoints

emma stone ignorant about guns

But really, only a little.

After all, I don't expect any full connection to reality from a movie actor. But it is frustrating to hear this sort of nonsense nonetheless.

Emma Stone graces the cover of Vogue magazine this month. And as part of her cover story/photo spread, she agreed to something they do now called 73 questions, which is supposed to be some hip, trendy way to interview a subject with a series of supposedly random questions thus giving us insight into the real Emma Stone or whoever.

I say supposed because Emma's rapid fire, rehearsed sounding answers to questions fired at her relatively quickly should let even the most casual viewer infer that she was given the questions in advance.

Her answer to the "cause" question was delivered to the camera as she walked up a flight of stairs, looking downward over her shoulder and accentuated with an actor's best attempt to show angry sincerity about whatever words were just spoken.


Like man-made climate change, I could fill pages with contradictory facts about the myths perpetrated by liberals about gun ownership, violence, and other interconnected topics. Such as:

According to the 2012 Congressional Research Service Report, though the U.S. is number one in private ownership of firearms:

firearms per 100 residents
1.USA – 112.6
2.Serbia – 75.6
3.Yemen – 54.8
4.Switzerland – 45.7
5.Cyprus – 36.4
6.Saudi Arabia – 35
7.Iraq – 34.2
8.Uruguay – 31.8
9.Sweden – 31.6
10.Norway – 31.3

And yet we don't even crack the top ten in deaths by firearms worldwide:

deaths by firearm per 100,000 residents per year
1.Honduras – 67.18
2.Venezuela – 59.13
3.Swaziland – 37.16
4.Guatemala – 34.1
5.Jamaica – 30.72
6.El Salvador – 26.77
7.Colombia – 25.94
8.Brazil – 21.2
9.Panama – 15.11
10.Uruguay – 11.52

They don't give an actual place for the U.S., but at 3.2 deaths per 100k, I would imagine it's pretty far down the list.

Don't get me wrong, that's still way too many people dying from unnatural causes, but it's not the blood running in the street imagery that Stone and others like Matt Damon would like an unsophisticated audience to accept blindly.

Or this graphic that illustrates that you're more likely to die of a heart condition than in a mass shooting:

more likely to die of a heart attack than in a mass shooting

And this one that shows that the homicide rate in the U.S. is in decline since the wide spread passage of concealed carry laws:

concealed carry laws lower homicide rate

And on and on. The myth of the gun show loophole, how breaking and entering has increased 25% in Canada since they imposed severe punishments on homeowners defending themselves with firearms, how 13 lives are saved by defensive use of firearms for every life lost via criminal use of a gun. As I said, I could fill pages with actual data on law abiding citizens responsibly using firearms.

But it's all about celebrity advocacy these days. I saw an ad for Vice News the other day. Where they happily mention that the world doesn't consume news as it once did. And that's a fact. Now we get whichever celeb they can put in front of a camera, repeating whatever lefty talking points the media wants to push, and unsophisticated generations of young people just eat it up without ever questioning the motives or science behind the conclusions.

Emma Stone disappoints me. But she isn't the only one.


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