Tuesday, May 7, 2013

So this is what happens when we underpay our teachers

They have to augment their meager salaries with some saucy modeling jobs:

olivia sprauer aka victoria v james

It's the fault of those damn vouchers, I tell ya! The liberals were right all along!

On the one hand, I feel sorry for Ms. Sprauer for losing her job as English teacher at Martin County High School in Florida. It's a bit prudish on the part of the school to hyperventilate over something so benign. Ms. Sprauer is a young grad student presumably working hard as a teacher and moonlighting as a model to pay for the remainder of her college education.

On the other hand, in this day and age, it's a bit naive of Ms. Sprauer to imagine that after plastering saucy images of herself on her Facebook page, even under the professional name of Victoria V. James, she wouldn't eventually be recognized. High school age boys are little hormone machines. They're already fantasizing about their teachers, especially if they are even remotely attractive. And these kids spend all day on their computers and cell phones, browsing their various social networks. Just a matter of time before some hard breathing boy recognized this full-figured beauty:

olivia sprauer aka victoria v james

Then of course, he shows the picture to his girlfriend who probably ratted the hot teacher out to the principal out of typical teenage girl jealousy.

'Cause girls are like that

Need more Victoria James hotness? Try these:

Victoria V. James has her own website now.

Victoria James did Hustler after all.


Anonymous said...

Woof! She is way hot!

Anonymous said...

Bolt ons!

postaldog said...

Yeah, I kinda had a hunch those weren't original equipment. Also not sure, but I'm guessing that they're more for helping her modeling career than her teaching career.

But I could be wrong.

Anonymous said...

She was my teacher trust me they're real

postaldog said...

English class, right? Not sure how you'd know about whether those are real or not. Got to be an interesting curriculum at that school :-)

But I've got some experience with gals that have upgraded in the chesticular department, and I'm a bit dubious that those haven't been worked on.