Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Oh fer f*ck sake!

deadpool goes the full ghey

Remember way back here when I said I was worried about Deadpool's original director, Tim Miller, getting booted (or left on his own) from the production of the sequel? There were early reports that Miller wanted a more kick-ass action-y flick and Reynolds wanted to focus more on the humor and raunch of the character.


News out today that Reynolds thinks it would be absolutely fabulous if Deadpool could get a boyfriend/lover for the sequel.


Now bear in mind, the entire plot of the original film, voiced by Reynolds himself, was this was a "love story" where Deadpool/Wade Wilson was on a mission to fix what had happened to him and win back the love of his life - Vanessa. The climactic fight was Wilson fighting to save Vanessa's life and then get back together with her.

And now in Deadpool 2 he's gonna be bangin' one of the other mercs? Maybe some underwear model? Are he and Vanessa going to be doing the threesome thing? Or is it not going to work out with her and he retreats into the arms of another man?


People who self-identify as LBGT account for less than 3.5% of the population. Transgenders are under .5%. Why must we constantly reinvent everything to accommodate a tiny minority of people who have chosen to be in that minority?

I'm not going to slam my fist down and proclaim that I'm boycotting the film. If they go this route, I'll probably still see it. But I'm going to be very disappointed at such shameless pandering on Reynolds' and the studio's part.

And before you say anything . . . I know, the comic version of Deadpool is fully what they refer to as pansexual. So don't get all "true to the source material" on me. They skip stuff in other movies that the studios/writers deem unnecessary to the basic plot of the film all the time. I've bitched plenty about that. Do we really need Deadpool to be gay? Is it necessary to the advancement of the movie? Or simply a "hey, look how NOH8 I am" thing?

Then why bother?

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