Sunday, January 8, 2017

Daily Duffster

hilary duff cosmo 2017

Hilary Duff graces the cover of Cosmo, I guess either this month or next, and does the usual faux in-depth interview lifestyle nonsense that Cosmo has devolved to over the years.

The above pic is probably the best of the bunch in the issue. I'm not sure why they had to photoshop it so heavily . . . as much as I go on about Hilary's solid goodness, she is a naturally pretty woman. But they had to give her the hollowed out cheeks and smooth out her abs and thighs and stuff . . . all the things I like about her because . . . glamour! I guess.

The other pic in the layout that caught my eye was this one:

hilary duff cosmo 2017

The pic is fairly uninteresting, but the quote in the lower left corner about how Hilary doesn't want to be "...that girl who's desperate to find a mate" cracked me up.

It was only last year that after her divorce from hockey player Mike Comrie, that Hilary turned to the fetid cesspool that is Tinder and began trolling for dates. She turned this trip into a short run reality series. A series about a well-known Hollywood star who couldn't find a date so she turned to social media to keep from being alone.


How is that supposed to jibe with her comment attached to the Cosmo pic?

I suppose, as with politics and everything else these days, Cosmo figures the attention span of its readers is short enough, folks won't pick up on the irony.

I do have to give mad props to the Duffster's management team. She is constantly turning up in these magazines and doing tv interviews and the like. She has that one almost unknown show on television -- Younger, hasn't had a noteable role in a movie since 2008's War, Inc. and hasn't seriously put out any music since . . . heaven only knows when. Yet she has a net worth of nearly $25 million and turns up daily on celeb sites from the relentless attention paid to her by the paparazzi. Attention that sometimes makes me wonder whether it is all accidental encounters or something a bit more . . . deliberate.

But what the heck. She's almost 30 years old, is rich and famous and hot and sexy and seems to be coasting through life.

We should all have it so good. Right?

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