Sunday, January 22, 2017

Why Helen Mirren is the BOMB

Dame Helen Mirren has had a long and wonderful career as an actress. She's won numerous awards and is generally considered to be the sort of admired performer that Meryl Streep tries so desperately to convince everyone she is.

Mirren has not done a lot of nudity in films, there's been a little, and she's done some on stage, but in interviews she has openly said she finds nudity in performing to be liberating and feels many of today's young actresses are a bit too uptight about appearing in the altogether. She posed for this bit of partial nudity back when she was a smoking hot twentysomething:

helen mirren topless bath

So hot. If you haven't seen Excalibur, her turn as Morgan le Fay shows just how crazy beautiful and sexy she was when she was young.

Now at 71 years of age, I personally find Helen to still be wonderfully beautiful and sexy, as do a great many other men my age. And I love that she has allowed herself to age naturally without the maniacal cosmetic surgeries that are disfiguring so many women I've watched age through my lifetime.

Recently, Helen reprised her bathtub photo:

helen mirren topless in the bath at 71

F*cking amazing! I know there are a lot of built in jokes about grandma here, but how ballsy of her to do that! And frankly, wrinkles and all, I think she looks amazing. I'd soak in a tub with her any day.

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