Sunday, January 22, 2017

There's bold, and then there's BOLD

I'm not going to constantly belabor the point that I was #NeverTrump from the outset, but I think it may be necessary for a while on the off case that some, unfamiliar with my political views, may wander over here due to something I've posted.

Anyway, despite the hysteria by liberals and Democrats and those unhinged women at the Women's March -- blow up the White House?! Seriously?! Trump's having sex with his daughter?! Seriously?! He's going to assassinate his son-in-law ala Mussolini?! That on-air from Chris Matthews, btw . . . seriously?! New President Donald J. Trump hasn't really done much since his inauguration except accept the confirmation of a couple of Cabinet posts and sign a formality Executive Order to set the stage for repealing Obamacare.

But this is precedent setting:

Important because Presidents have frequently talked about moving the US Embassy from the safety of Tel Aviv to the proper capital of Israel -- Jerusalem, for decades. It is a marked departure from the Obama doctrine of flagrant anti-Semitism and sends a more than strong signal that the US under Trump will fully support Israel and its right to exist.

Important because terrorist Palestinians will see the Embassy as a target for terrorist attacks and will require the US to maintain safety of that Embassy with some effort. Military effort. And money. That's going to ruffle some feathers.

The danger of a President Trump is also the benefit of a President Trump -- he may do some good as well as some bad with his loose cannon/outsider stylings. Let's hope the good far exceeds the bad.

It's only two days in . . . 1458 days to go.

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