Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Megyn Kelly leaves FOX News

megyn kelly leaves fox news

Reports are out today, including tweets from Kelly herself, that FOX's number two personality is leaving the network and will go to work for NBC.

Supposedly, Kelly will have a Monday through Friday one-hour program during the day and anchor some sort of weekly news program on Sunday evening. Along with doing the breaking news thing and specialized reporting/commentary stuff.

Kelly has hinted over the last year or so about her desire to assume a more Barbara Walters-ish on air persona. I guess this is what she's attempting here.

12 years at FOX as a proponent of conservative politics and viewpoints . . . how long will that last at NBC? If she changes her political views to fit in with her new employer, what should we make of her time at FOX?

This is more of an addendum than an update . . . but back when Greta van Susteren left FOX, I mused that should Trump become President, I wouldn't be surprised if Greta turned up in a Trump Administration.

Well, color me surprised.

Greta has turned up at the DNC's media arm -- MSNBC.

van Susteren was Trump's number one slobbering fan long before Sean Hannity belly groveled over to join the party. And she nightly worked hard to deflect any criticism of the man about whom she once cooed "Oh I just think he's so clever." After joyfully mentioning on Rachel Maddow's show the other night that she's good friends with many of the MSNBC/DNC on air personalities and how she and her husband frequently dine out with Maddow, one wonders . . .

As with Kelly, were van Susteren's political beliefs borne of convenience or core values. Guess we'll seen soon.

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