Friday, January 20, 2017

So, there was this Inauguration today

trump inauguration

And in a nifty little package, we see exactly why Trump is President, why liberals lost and why we have Republican majorities in the House and Senate and Governor's mansions around the country.

Donald J. Trump was sworn into office today as the 45th President of the United States of America. He gave a speech that was basically the boilerplate speech he gave throughout the primaries and general election -- us versus them, take the country back from the elites and establishment types, spend money here not abroad, seek no nation building, strong military, lots of jobs, etc.

The basic speech that got him standing ovations around the country last year. Light on specifics, heavy on populist rhetoric. For a nation tired of eight years of Obama's hectoring, race blaming and petulant superiority, it galvanized voters to vote against a lifelong corrupt politician in the form of Hillary Clinton.

And liberals and Democrats showed they learned nothing from the crushing electoral defeats of the last eight years.

Television commentators compared Trump to Hitler (can't you f*ckers find another insult to throw?). Protestors firebombed vehicles, broke windows, blocked uniformed military members from getting to the Inauguration. Fyi, don't ever try to tell me that Dems/liberals actually like or care about our military. They hate them with every fiber of their being. Every action and word they utter show their haughty disdain for the men and women that risk their lives to protect our way of life. It was in plain sight once again today.

Pathetic desperate famewhores like Michael Moore and other tweeted idiot things about Trump and forecast doom and gloom for the country ahead. Tiresome actor Shia Lebouef announced he was teaming up with Will Smith's gay cross-dressing son for some sort of daily podcast that would last four years. And on and on.

People I spoke to on my route today, people that vote Democrat by the way, were appalled at what they watched from the liberal protests. And I don't blame them. What a bunch of whiny babies on the left. And this spectacle is exactly why plenty of voters, who may not have believed Trump was the right person to be in the White House, went ahead and voted for him over Hillary.

The left has become a parody of itself. Frantically clinging to every out-of-the-mainstream bit of ideology, they have alienated vast portions of this country that simply want to live their lives, make enough money to pay their bills, and be secure in their homes and workplaces. They don't want men in dresses using the same bathrooms as their grade school daughters. They don't want to be told how much soda or coffee they can buy in a restaurant. They don't want to be told what they can have on their fries or how they should be cooked. They don't want to turn on their televisions and be inundated with endless leftist/socialist propaganda messages built into sitcoms and hourly dramas. Or pay $15 to see a movie and get 90 minutes of political messages instead of entertainment.

But instead, the left is doubling down on their failed agenda. Threatening impeachment proceedings before Trump even picks up a pen.

I didn't vote for Trump. In fact I didn't cast a vote for President this cycle. And if Trump runs again in four years, I probably won't vote for him then either. But if liberals/Democrats keep this insanity up, it won't matter. He'll win again. Because that electoral map will just keep getting redder and redder.

You'd think Dems would have learned by now.

Apparently not.

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